Measuring the Hardware/Home Improvement and Electrical Industries
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Vista® History

Vista, was founded in 1992 by TRIAD Systems Corp. In 1997, TRIAD Systems merged with Cooperative Computing (CCI) to form CCITRIAD. In 2003, CCITRIAD changed its name to Activant Solutions Inc. Activant is the nation’s largest supplier of computer systems to the Hardlines and Automotive Industries. Activant Solutions Inc. ("Activant") is a leading technology provider of business management solutions in four primary vertical markets: hardware and home center, lumber and building materials, the automotive parts aftermarket and wholesale distribution. Activant provides customers with tailored proprietary software, professional services, content, supply chain connectivity, and analytics.

Vista Information Services is a business group within Activant Solutions. Vista’s original information service provided reports on the Independent Hardware Channel. In 1996 Vista expanded its coverage to include Chain Home Centers and in 1998 expanded to include Mass Merchandiser sales information. Both the 1996 and 1998 expansions were in alliance with Audits & Surveys Worldwide. In 2003 Vista began reporting sales on Lumber Yards. Also in 2003 Vista launched its panel service in response to the changing Hardware/Home Improvement Industry. This expanded the ability of manufacturers and retailers to gauge the market. In 2005, Vista began tracking sales in the Electrical Distributor Channel.


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