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Manufacturer Web Catalog

The key to market share is the availability of your products and product information.  Your customers visit your Web site in order to find out the latest part information.  Providing them a means to look up parts and access fitment information as well as specifications and product images is becoming more vital to your success.

Developing an online e-Catalog for your Web site by can be time consuming and expensive.  Unless you have a dedicated developer staff, you’ll need to outsource the work to a third party who will need to build a catalog from scratch.

The Activant Manufacturer Web Catalog is a turnkey online e-Catalog  tailored to enhance your Web site by allowing customers to look up products, images, specs, TSBs and much more online.  Your electronic catalog including an Interchange and buyer’s guide can be available to your customers 24 hours a day.

As a hosted service, the Manufacturer Web Catalog requires little web development from the manufacturer, but still provides a fully customized e-Catalog that maintains the look and feel of your existing Web site.  In addition, since Activant maintains the application, the Web Catalog data is always up-to-date.

Experience the benefits of an e-Catalog on your Web site with Activant’s Manufacturer Web Catalog.

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