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Activant Silk

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Key Benefits

Business Management Innovation

Velocity®, our graphical product is at the leading edge of business management innovation. With its powerful Internet-based solutions and integration with various wireless hand held devices, such as the Pocket PC and BlackBerry, the Activant Silk system can help your company manage and improve your business and keep ahead in a fast paced world.


The design of the Activant Silk software is such that the same screen can be used for both Point-of-Sale and Order Entry transactions. The Activant Silk software has tab defaults for ease of entry; system wide or by user.

Custom Menus

You have the ability to set up custom menus in order to gain easy access to the functions your staff need the most. You can add commonly used menu options to any existing menu. This is valuable because you can restrict access to programs and menu options that should be only used by authorized employees. Not only are certain menu options password-protected, you can also completely remove certain options from menus.

Simple Information Access

From the POS Item Inquiry screen, you can see open PO's, open orders, stock status, and sales history proving valuable information easily from POS.

Print Archive

By taking advantage of affordable mass storage availability, the Activant Silk system offers you the ability to archive business forms such as quotes, invoices, and A/R Statements. Very powerful and a time-saving feature as all of these documents are stored in their original formats and can be retrieved for re-print when required.

Improve Customer Service

Activant Silk gives you the tools you need to improve customer service as you have everything necessary to streamline your order entry, order fulfillment and billing needs. One feature is the E-mailing and Fax application which allows you to set some customers to have their statements faxed, while others are printed. Also, you have the ability to set customers to have their invoices e-mailed while others are set to print.

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Activant Silk lets you control your inventory by individual product which helps reduce overall inventory levels, maintain margins, reduce stock-outs, improve customer service and provide useful information to assist in making better merchandising and marketing decisions. One of the best indicators of an item’s contribution to your business is its Gross Margin Return on Investment, or GMROI. The Activant Silk system automatically maintains and reports GMROI performance for each department, inventory category, division, and individual item.

Improve Business Operations

Activant Silk provides robust reporting and analytical tools to give you the visibility you need to continuously improve your business operations. The Reports are fully integrated and ready to go so that your managers can quickly get insights to solve problems or come up with strategies to improve cash flow, revenue and profit to help your business thrive and grow.

Reducing the Cost

Activant Silk provides electronic commerce and wireless options to give you the opportunity to more easily interact with customers and suppliers while reducing the costs of managing your invoices, statements and customers. Activant Silk has all the tools and products necessary to help you evolve your business operations so you can increase revenue while reducing costs at the same time.

Integration with Third Party Software

Activant Silk offers real-time integration with third party databases. Activant Silk integrates with multiple shipping companies to make the shipping process quick and streamlined. Another example is Seljax, the estimating software. This integration allows for pricing and materials to be updated on the Seljax software and also for estimates to be imported back into Activant Silk for pricing. A further example is PAL which allows the user to select parts from schematic drawings in a Windows environment. As the parts are selected, they are automatically added to an invoice in real time, with proper pricing, on the Activant Silk software running concurrently.


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