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Activant Silk

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Service Work Order

Activant Silk™ has a comprehensive system designed to increase profitability and strengthen management controls within service-oriented firms. These goals are achieved by providing timely information for all levels of management and marketing, and by increasing the productivity of clerical staff. Most importantly, it will strengthen customer ties by helping you provide the best service available.

This system tracks the receiving, selling and servicing of any serialized piece of equipment. This equipment might include fax machines and photocopiers, heavy equipment, rental equipment, forklifts, generator sets, pumps, vehicle fleets and any other type of equipment where periodic servicing occurs. This could be your own equipment or your customer's.

This documentation will explain a variety of service contracts that may be available to your customers, some of which may be billed by usage (meter reads, hour meters, kilometers, etc.), by time (per day, week, month, year, etc.), or even a combination of both. See further in this section for other service contract options.
This module interfaces with Activant Silk's Inventory, Purchase Order, Payroll, Point of Sale/Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables and General Ledger modules. This ensures accuracy of the data improves interdepartmental information flow and eliminates work duplication.

Product Master

Complete automation keeps your serialized inventory items up-to-date, before and after they are sold. New serialized items are entered automatically as they are received by either the Inventory or Purchase Order receiving programs.

Prioritize and control service calls by assigning severity codes to your machines. This allows you to give priority service and ensure prompt handling of work orders created for specific customers or machines.

As the items are sold within the POS module, the item status is changed from being "in inventory" to being "sold". The item is also updated with all relevant customer information, such as site (ship-to), invoice number and date, warranty information and service contract assigned.

If the machine is in stock, or is part of your rental equipment, work orders can be created to perform any type of service. Costs incurred can then be either expensed or capitalized.

Service Priorities

Prioritize and control service calls by assigning severity codes to your machines. This allows you to give priority service and ensure prompt handling of work orders created for specific customers or machines.

Territory Management

By Tech

Service areas can be assigned to a piece of equipment. This allows technicians to be assigned to work orders automatically should this item require servicing. This saves time as the receptionist does not have to inform a technician that service is required since it will appear automatically the next time the technician brings up his/her work orders.

By Area

Proper territory setup will also optimize technician productivity by minimizing travel time. Each technician is assigned an area based on both geographic and service volume. Analysis reports can be generated based on territory, allowing you to quickly determine whether territories are too large or too small.

On-Line Processing

Service work orders and supply orders are created quickly and easily. A variety of inquiry methods are available:
Serialized Equipment:

  • By item code (model)
  • By item description
  • By serial number
  • By unit number

Inquiring by customer:

  • By entering the name, part of the name (anywhere in the name)
  • By account number
  • By site
  • By phone number or part phone number
  • By contact name

The service module provides an extensive variety of other on-line inquiries, giving management a quick snapshot of work orders currently outstanding, customer information or service history.

These inquiries provide an effective management tool, monitoring response times and ensuring prompt follow-ups.
Other inquiries include:

  • Total Outstanding Work Order Summary Inquiry - shows each technician and their total # of work orders for each status, e.g. new, dispatched, or completed. It also shows the aging: 0-1 hour, 1-2 hours, 2-4 hours, 4-8 hours, and over 8 hours.
  • Customer Work Order Inquiry - displays all of a customer's current, un-posted work orders.
  • Item Inquiry - displays an inventory item and any outstanding work orders for that item.
  • Technician Inquiry - displays all un-posted work orders for a specific technician.
  • Work Order Status Inquiry - displays all work orders with a specific status.
  • Customer Profile Inquiry - displays a complete up-to-date listing of all serialized equipment belonging to a customer.

Service Contract (S/C) Management

Service contracts determine which service is billable and which is covered under the contract. They can be assigned manually or entered when the item is sold via the POS module.

What aspects are billable?

Any number of S/C's can be set up. They cover four aspects:

  • Parts (replacement and repairs)
  • Supplies (consumable goods, e.g. paper, toner)
  • Labour (time spent working)
  • Travel time (going to your customer's site)

Any combination is possible, e.g. parts are included but labour is billable, or parts are billable and labour is not, etc.

G/L accounts profitability

General ledger accounts can also be assigned to service contracts. This allows you to analyze the profitability of a contract by setting; up revenue and cost of goods accounts for each contract.

Automatic Billing

Based on the S/C, the system can automatically charge for aspects; of a work order which are billable, if desired. This is extremely beneficial as it increases cash flow by creating invoices automatically if any part of a work order is billable. You do not have to worry about forgetting to charge a customer or under-charging, etc. It also takes the billing discretion away from the technicians.

Recalls & Preventative Maintenance

Work orders can automatically be generated or you can print a report based on preventative maintenance schedules or recall dates. This will allow you to schedule such work orders in advance, thus balancing your technician work loads.

It should also generate additional revenue as you contact your customers informing them of upcoming service requirements. As well, this will ensure maintenance is performed on a regular basis.

Time Management

The program makes updating work orders quick and easy even if technicians do not work directly on the computer, e.g. they hand in time sheets and the supervisor or other staff member enters the parts and labour onto the appropriate work orders.

Labour entered can then be automatically transferred onto the work orders and into the Payroll module, thus eliminating duplicate work.

Credit Checking

The Service module and parts screen calculate account aging and credit limits when entering new work orders. Service clerks are notified immediately if a customer's account is overdue or over their credit limit. New work orders can not be created under this condition unless approved by someone with the authorization to override the "on-hold" status.

Invoice Printing

At the end of the day, you can simply run the "invoice print" program. Any work orders with billable segments will have an invoice automatically generated. Since the system tracks starting and ending dates and times, labour is accurately calculated. Billable amounts can also be entered manually if preferred. Shop Supplies can also automatically be added as an additional charge on the invoice as a percent of parts & labour.

Minimum labour charges and time increments can be specified as well, e.g. bill in 15 minute intervals starting with a minimum charge of 1 hour.

Service History

Activant Silk's comprehensive history files make it extremely easy to bring up old, previously posted work orders or supplies orders. This allows you to review problems and solutions. Even "free form" comments are maintained which can help explain in more detail what may have occurred.
Inquiries list the work orders in summary form. Full details and work order comments are also available. Inquiries include:

  • Customer History Inquiry - displays a customers previous work orders.
  • Item History Inquiry- displays an item's previous work orders.
  • Technician History Inquiry- displays a technician's previous work orders.

Extensive Reporting

Flexible and comprehensive management reports allow you to quickly pinpoint areas of concern; from technician performance to highlighting inventory items requiring excessive service.

Marketing reports are also available which allow you to service your accounts properly and improve the effectiveness of sales calls. Reviewing account history prior to a service call will alert you to take the proper supplies, knowing the customer may be getting low.

Some sample reports are:

  • Inventory Status & Value
  • Alert Calls Report
  • Service History reports
  • Cost per Copy Report
  • Service Contract Profitability Report
  • Customer Profiles
  • Meter Volume Report
  • Recalls & PM Report
  • Service Analysis:
    • By Technician
    • By Complaint
    • By Item
    • By Customer

Purchasing & Tracking Costs

Purchasing is a relatively straight forward procedure. Create a Purchase order for your serialized equipment, be it for your own business, for resale, or for rent. When the goods arrive, a receiving is performed and the serial numbers recorded.

Landed Cost

The "landed cost" of the copier includes any additional charges which may apply to this purchase order. Some examples might be freight, duty and/or currency exchange.

Capitalizing improvements

Since costs are maintained on an individual basis for serialized equipment, it is possible to make product improvements which can then be capitalized rather than expensed.

Other Features

Activant Silk has incorporated Fax Software to help clients reduce the workload and expedite their billings. Meter Read Forms, A/R Statements and Purchase Orders (just to name a few) can be generated and faxed to any or all clients.

Service work orders can be electronically dispatched to the technicians by e-mailing to their PDA, cell phone or laptop.

Asset Management is also an integral part of the Product Master File. Original costs, capitalized costs and depreciation costs can be maintained for both your rental fleet and your own fixed assets.


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