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Sales Analysis and Reporting

In-depth monitoring and analysis of the sales of a business is integral to its success. When designing our software, we understood that although most managers realize the importance of sales analysis, few can actually devote the necessary time to adequately pursue it. With this in mind, we designed our Sales Analysis module to provide managers with valuable information that would normally be nearly impossible to derive on a regular basis.

Staying Ahead of the Game

The sales analysis module helps the manager keep fingertip control over their business by highlighting inefficiencies when they occur, thus providing the opportunity to make necessary changes in business practices immediately. Customer buying trends change, and the sooner your business can adjust to the changes, the greater the financial rewards.

Additionally, timely information about your customers' buying patterns will lead to increased sales. If your sales staff has this information readily available, they can place reminder calls to customers and inquire about stock levels. The better the quality of information they have, the better their service and sales will be.

Comprehensive Reports

Sales analysis reports and their secondary options provide a breakdown of sales and identify profit performance by item, product category, salesman, customer or branch. All reports are available for any time frame required and may be selected by ranges chosen by you within the above criteria. They may be prepared in either detail or summary form. These concise reports are ideal for use in staff or management meetings as they can provide an accurate comparison of actual sales to budgeted sales. They are essential for forecasting sales, determining expected cash flows and reducing out-of -stock or overstocked situations.

Rank Customers

This module provides a host of other reports and features as well. It will provide a customer ranking list that makes it easy to identify top customers as well as slow moving accounts that may require extra attention. The same is true for inventory items.

Rank Items

A ranking report will show which items are your most popular or which items are your least. The product movement report traces the activity of a particular product, showing all transactions associated with it: invoices, receipts, adjustments, physical inventory counts, and transfers between locations, etc. The sales turnover report gives a day-to- day profit summary that allows for better cash flow management and can help to quickly identify problem areas.

Sales History

Maintain up to 5 years of summary information on a month to month (or 13 periods a year) basis. Example: How many of item “A” was sold last month, this month last year, or this month for the last 5 years? How much did customer "A" buy last month, last year, or last 5 years? Which items did customer "A" buy last month, last year, etc? The same analysis can be performed with your sales staff. You can see how a salesperson's performance has been over the last year, last two years, last 5 years, etc. .

Quick and Easy Inquiries

As with the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules, the Sales Analysis module has an on-line inquiry mode for quick, convenient access to a customer's sales history. You can easily pull up the customer's invoices to see what kind of business is being done, as well as displaying details of your sales transactions (e.g. dates, quantities, salesman, etc.) by customer, item, or a combination of both. For example, if a customer comes in to return an item

Graphic Illustrations

In addition to the on-line inquiry, sales information can be quickly and clearly obtained through the sales analysis module's graphic representations. Bar graphs may be generated to show all manner of sales totals on a month to month basis. Whether you require sales comparisons by item, customer, salesperson, category, division, or combinations of these, the system can quickly produce bar graphs for instant analysis. This kind of information helps provide seasonal comparisons for planning and comparisons purchasing purposes

Commission Reports

Commission reports can be prepared for individual salespersons or all salespersons for any given period. If desired, the detailed commission report lists each item on the invoices, dates, customers, quantities, total sales and cost of goods sold. You can also select specific product categories or eliminate certain categories when calculating commissions. This may be desirable if products have different commission rates.

These reports allow management to keep sales staff up to date on their commissions and performance, as well as provide a full audit trail of commissions to help payroll staff keep track of them.

Other Reports

Worksheets are available for inventory items that will show your opening balances, purchases, sales, adjustments and the ending balance for each period within any year in the last 5 years.

Stock Turns

A report can also be generated showing sales, gross profit %, current inventory level and # of days the inventory is on-hand.

Tax Reports

The Sales Analysis module provides provincial and GST tax reports as well, showing the computer calculated amounts to be remitted. It will detail invoices, dates, sales amounts, taxable amounts and sales tax percentages used for any given period. Clear, concise audit trails of all taxes charged are provided.

Ship-to Analysis

Sales analysis by item by customer ship-to (Job site) address provides valuable information on the distribution and consumption of various products.


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