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The Payroll software module assists greatly in payroll management by performing detailed tracking, repetitive calculations and reporting much more accurately and efficiently than is possible on a manual system. The system provides six user definable data fields for different types of income entry, e.g. regular, overtime, double-time, commissions, bonuses & advances. If commission is applicable, it will automatically transfer commission amounts to the T4 at year end. Unlimited income fields are available if required. As with all of our software, data entry for time-sheets is user definable to minimize effort and maximize speed and efficiency. Adjustments can be made easily during entry and built-in system error checking reduces entry mistakes. The Payroll software handles various pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly and 13 pay period types. It will also accommodate employees on hourly, salary and daily pay schedules simultaneously.

Additional Features

  • Can handle company pension plans or RRSP's. Transfers to T4 at year end.
  • A provision for four miscellaneous deductions along with five taxable benefit amounts. Unlimited deduction fields are available if required.
  • Automatic calculation of deductions and vacation pay. System either accrues vacation pay or pays it every period. A second accrual field is provided with a variable title, e.g. sick pay.
  • EI (two rates per company), CPP and taxes are handled according to government regulations. Updates are provided as regulations change.
  • Provides for union fee deductions on a per hour, flat rate, number of hours or percentage basis.
  • Ability to handle the payroll requirements of multiple companies. The system will manage two different tax years simultaneously at year end. For example: you are able to process the 1995 payroll for Company 1 and the 1996 payroll for Company 2 at the same time.

Importing Data

Payroll information can be imported from within Activant Silk's Service Dispatch Timesheet program or from the stand-alone Time Management program. Data can also be downloaded from other time tracking systems. This can be extremely helpful as it eliminates duplicate work.

Full G/L Allocation

Wages and associated expenses can be allocated to a variety of general ledger accounts. Every income, including vacation pay, as well as every deduction field, including UIC, CPP and income tax and miscellaneous deductions, can be allocated to different g/l accounts if required or combined to a small group of accounts. Example; regular wages, overtime, double-time, bonuses, vacation pay, etc. can be allocated to one wage expense account, to a different expense account for each one, or any combination of the above. This is extremely beneficial if you have different offices, locations or department’s breakdown where expenses are kept separate.

Transfer to G/L

Once the figures are captured in the proper G/L accounts, they can be transferred directly to the General Ledger module without having to re-enter any transactions

** Note ** G/L allocation is optional.

Comprehensive Reports

The Payroll module will print a variety of reports and documents including:

Records of Employment, Receiver General Remittance reports, WCB report, T4's, T4A's and summary and analysis reports. It provides full cost allocation reporting by G/L account, by account number and by employee. Payroll history is archived on the system so that a wide variety of additional reports can be produced on demand, including wages and hours, Union report, miscellaneous deductions, etc.

Cheques & Cheque Stubs

Easy generation of cheques or cheque stubs when required, whether it be a complete cheque run or a single manual cheque entry. It is very easy to reverse cheques on the system as well. The system is able to print cheques on a laser printer if desired. For maximum efficiency, direct deposit is available through our bank EDI interface.

Interfacing to A/P Cheque Reconciliation

After cheques have been issued, it is possible to interface the employee number, name and cheque number into the Cheque Reconciliation module within Accounts Payable. This will assist in your bank reconciliation as the cheques are returned.


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