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Activant Silk

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SAGRO® - Online Store Component

In this information age your company simply can't afford not to have a presence on the Internet. SAGRO's shopping cart application enables you to easily turn your company web site into an on-line store or on-line parts catalog. Here you can present all of the inventory items currently in your Silk System as well as an unlimited number of additional items.

This shopping cart application is extremely flexible and completely customizable. SAGRO supplies the "engine" with which you can design a unique, fully functioning shopping cart application specific to your business. Best of all, customizing SAGRO does not require any experience in web development. You and your managers can work together to make SAGRO as simple or as complex as you like without having to hire in expensive teams of web designers and programmers.

Offer your customers 24/7 access to product snapshots, detailed product descriptions, and even inventory availability across multiple locations. Because customers can browse your company's products over the Internet, your doors don't even have to be open for you to deliver superior customer service.

Upon placing an order, each of your customers sees his or her unique price, with pricing levels, quantity breaks, and regional taxes calculated specifically for their account.


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