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Activant Silk

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SAGRO® - CRM Component

With this powerful module you truly can manage all things relating to your customers from a single screen. Select from a number of tabs to view detailed customer information, or create an unlimited number of user-definable fields to store all of the customized information you need. The strength of this module comes from it’s tight integration with the Activant Silk system, giving you access to information you would not have in a traditional CRM.

In addition to holding the usual company and contact data, the SAGRO CRM module also allows you to manage, for each customer account:

  • A history of current and past tasks (such as sales calls and follow-ups)
  • Their basic account status, including money owed, and month-to-date and year-to-date information
  • Sales graphs over the last year
  • Any outstanding work orders
  • A list of the customer's equipment (if your company rents, sells, or repairs equipment)
  • Quotes

While the CRM screen offers you an easy "customer-at-a-glance" look-up, each of its tabs allows you to drill down for more detail.

Home Page

The CRM home page will give each user a personalized summary of the CRM data based on their role. For example: sales representatives will see a summary of their appointments, quotes and orders in progress as well as their recent sales history.


Using SAGRO’s powerful tools you can create custom tasks. For example, run a tool that identifies all customers with a balance of $1,000 or more that is at least 90 days overdue. You can program your task manager to first send these customers an Overdue Account e-mail and then place a task in the Customer screen, instructing your employees to follow up with the customer one week later.


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