A comprehensive distribution management system designed for durable goods distributors
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Activant Prelude

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The Activant Prelude base software includes a comprehensive suite functions to allow complete automation of your entire procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes.  The foundation is a comprehensive accounting system including general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable.  Comprehensive sales order entry, purchasing and inventory modules are also available with the base software to automate all the basic processes common to all distributors.

In addition to our base functionality, we encourage you to review all the rich functionality that only Prelude can offer. Many of these capabilities are listed in the applications section of the website. Some of our unique and compelling features include:

  • Activity Based Costing to help you identify your most profitable customers.
  • Advanced Forecasting to help improve customer service while reducing the cash flow pressures associated with excess inventory.
  • Distribution Requirements Planning to make sure you optimize inventory across all your distribution centers.
  • Customer Relationship Management that gives your employees timely information about each contact at a customer site.
  • Sales Force Automation including wireless access to the system to more easily let you work with customers and prospects by providing timely sales order information.
  • An Electronic Commerce capability that lets you manage sales by leveraging your partners websites and other sales channels.
  • A complete Document Management system so that you can achieve a paperless office environment to improve customer service and reduce costs by eliminating paper.
  • An Asset Managment system to track depreciation on your equipment.
  • An Analytics system composed of graphical dashboards designed to let you manage problems and have the data necessary to make strategic decisions to help your company grow.
  • A complete Rental System to manage your rental operation including the ability to schedule and track maintenance.
  • Prelude has a Service system to track and schedule labor, a complete Warehouse Management system to automate your warehouse activities, a Work Order system to configure items and track labor, a Repair system for returned goods, and much, much more.

We encourage you to contact Activant for a closer look at how all the powerful and fully integrated capabilites included in Prelude can help you manage your business.


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