A comprehensive distribution management system designed for durable goods distributors
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Activant Prelude

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Activant Prelude

Key Benefits

Prelude gives you the tools to achieve a new level of operational excellence and customer service due to the extensive flexibility and versatility provided by the standard Prelude software developed to meet the needs of the large distribution customers we serve, as well as, an application architecture designed to allow customization to meet your unique needs yet ensures your changes don’t sacrifice supportability or the ability to take advantage of upgrades as they become available.  

  • Improve customer service - Customers have high expectations for service.  To meet these needs today, a distributor needs to anticipate their customers needs and be prepared to meet them before the customer even know they have the need.   With Activant Prelude, you have access to advanced forecasting tools designed to assist in predicting your customer’s future demands.  Another aspect of service is flawless operations from sales order entry and fulfillment to invoicing and reconciling accounts.  With Activant Prelude, our standard software is versatile enough to provide multiple means to accomplish each process used to automate your operation ensuring a match to your individual business needs.
  • Optimize Inventory - The challenge to inventory management is to have just the right amount of each item, no more, no less.  If you have too much inventory, you increase costs and reduce your margins; however, customer service suffers with any out of stock condition.   Activant offers the Advanced Forecasting module to help make ensure the ability to deliver what your customers need and when they need it while minimizing inventory and the high costs of carrying surplus inventory.
  • Improve logistics- The logistics operations of a large, multi-location distributor can be very complex and provide a substantial opportunity to reduce costs using automation, as well as,  and to improve the speed, predictability and accuracy of your fulfillment operations.
  • Business Intelligence - Activant Prelude provides robust reporting and analytical tools to give you the visibility you need to continuously improve your business operations.  We have integrated analytics tools so that your managers can quickly get insights to solve problems or come up with strategies to improve cash flow, revenue and profit to help your business thrive and grow.
  • Electronic commerce - Of course Activant Prelude allows you to offer access to your catalog of offerings, provide a web store to process orders, and customer account self-service on your website to automate the sales order entry process and allow you to offer 24x7 sales operations; however, Activant Prelude offers advanced capabilities to help you help your customers generate additional revenue, as well as, to reach new customers through new electronic sales channels.
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