An ERP solution based on modern, open-source technology
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Activant OpenERP

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Activant OpenERP®

Product Features

  • OpenERP supports all the item and product structures you need with as much flexibility as you would expect in the most expensive ERP applications on the market.  For example, you can define expiration dates for components to support your phase-out processes.  You can also define co-products and by-products resulting from your production processes.
  • Use the OpenERP inventory features to execute physical inventories and cycle counts to ensure system accuracy and reduce slippage.  With complete transaction history and date, time and user stamps included on all inventory transactions, you can protect your inventory investment, improve your inventory cash flow and increase your customer service.
  • Use the capacity planning capabilities to look at current load versus available capacity to identify any potential resources conflicts.  You can display or report capacity by demand using time phased calendars to help you properly utilize your labor and equipment.        
  • Use the shipping and receiving functionality to track all incoming and outgoing movement of materials and to stage your shipments.  You can define and print shipping forms, receive and reject purchase order receipts, and issue and recall inventory from work in process and finished goods to more easily stage shipments while keeping an accurate accounting of inventory balances.
  • You can analyze your sales activity in a summarized or detailed view with full drill-down capabilities.  OpenERP lets you archive your sales history and restore for analysis on an as needed basis.  The analysis is displayed in a time-phased manner and shows sales by customer, item, salesperson, product category, customer type, customer group, and customer bill to and ship to.
  • Use the asset management application to optimize the maintenance of your plant and manufacturing equipment.  OpenERP automatically schedules and tracks service timeframes as well as manages the costs in terms of labor, equipment and depreciation so you can most effectively manage you plant equipment investment.  Of course, the system is fully integrated with the manufacturing system to track usage.
  • Activant designed OpenERP to not only provide a rapid return on investment, but also to be an easy system to manage so that our customers have a low total cost of ownership.  With many system administration features, security capabilities and options, OpenERP lets you tailor it to meet your specific needs.  And, Activant also makes it easy for you to receive functional updates with minimal impact on your business operations.
  • OpenERP is designed to scale for small to medium sized manufacturers.  We can scale to handle your volume, throughput and storage requirements.  We also designed the system to help customers with multiple locations and who manage their businesses with centralized customer order management and centralized procurement operations.  By providing you with visibility and tools to manage multiple warehouses and stocking locations as one.
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