An ERP solution based on modern, open-source technology
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Activant OpenERP

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Activant OpenERP®

Activant OpenERP is a comprehensive software solution designed for small to medium sized discrete and batch process manufacturers.  The system was designed to support a variety of manufacturing techniques including work order processing, repetitive schedules, and assemble-to-order.  Using the most modern open-source technologies available, OpenERP improves your customer order management operation, tightens your inventory management and production processes, and streamlines the vendor procurement side of your business.  In addition to helping you better manage your day-to-day business operations; OpenERP also provides you with a suite of accounting applications and reports to help you manage your back office. 

OpenERP is a powerful, extendable, and flexible next generation ERP solution.  It has a clean and simple user interface that hides a robust and feature-rich environment that rivals ERP systems that cost many times more to purchase, deploy and maintain.  The system can easily be integrated with a wide variety of standards based technologies including legacy applications, shop floor and warehouse automation hardware, business intelligence tools and other application specific platforms.  We encourage you to contact us for a closer look at how this manufacturing focused ERP solution can help you.

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