A powerful solution designed for large multi-location LBM dealers
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Activant Falcon

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Activant Falcon®

Product Features

  • With the Falcon Performance Driver Suite, you have online access to all the information you need to continuously improve your business.  You can take a broad or deep view into your inventory, sales, customer information and more.  Many customers also benefit from the dashboard to solve problems and keep regular tabs on the vital signs of their businesses.
  • In addition to the operational and analytical management applications within Falcon, you also have access to a complete suite of integrated, financial management products.  Our accounts receivable product lets you manage your billing and customer accounts, our accounts payable lets you handle your vendor invoices and payments, and our general ledger lets you automatically post and report on your ledger entries from all your daily transactions.
  • Falcon provides you with the ability to provide quotes and bids to customers and prospects and later turn these into sales orders.  You can make adjustments to the pricing to ensure that you meet your margin targets. 
  • With the Falcon Millwork module, you can manufacture products based on specific customer requirements.  Our build to order capabilities have powerful capabilities such as creating bill of material structures on the fly based on questions you answer during order entry.  You can also control the production scheduling and manufacturing processes to reflect the way you run your business.
  • Activant designed Falcon to not only provide a rapid return on investment, but also to be an easy system to manage so that our customers have a low total cost of ownership.  With many system administration features, security capabilities and options, Falcon lets you tailor it to meet your specific needs.  And, Activant also makes it easy for you to receive functional updates without having to affect your business operations.
  • Falcon gives you the tools you need to improve customer service.  Our point-of-sale system lets you quickly move customers through the check-out process and for customers on account you have all the tools necessary to streamline your order entry, order fulfillment and billing needs.
  • With Falcon’s point-of-sale system, you can process cash transactions quickly by using scanners, manage debit/credit transactions while getting high speed approval, manage special order and non-stock transactions while taking deposits, and much more.
  • Falcon is designed to scale from small businesses to large.  We can scale to handle your volume, throughput and storage requirements.  We also designed the system to help customers with multiple locations and who manage their businesses with centralized customer order management and centralized procurement operations.  By providing you with visibility and tools to manage multiple warehouses and stocking locations as one.
  • Falcon provides a fully integrated Professional Estimating module that helps you create take-offs for complex jobs such as floors and roofs.  The product includes a graphics digitizer to help with the job and it automatically creates a complete bill of materials that addresses all your needs making it easy for you to manage orders.
  • The Falcon Dispatch and Delivery system lets you efficiently load and track multiple orders so that you can achieve on time delivery and customer satisfaction.  We even have an optional tracking system so that you can report on delivery progress to customers and update the system automatically.
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