A powerful solution designed for large multi-location LBM dealers
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Activant Falcon

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Activant Falcon®

Key Benefits

  • Increased Productivity - Falcon provides a suite of electronic commerce and paperless office products to let you better manage your extended enterprise.
    • Eliminate the need to store paper documents by leveraging the storage and drill-down capabilities that Falcon document imaging solution provides online.
    • Falcon can automatically send messages via email to trading partners based on events that you specify.  You can also leverage our fax or EDI capabilities if, for example, you manage your supplier communication with fax or EDI notifications. 
    • You can leverage productivity tools such as radio frequency (RF) and barcode scanning as well as label printing to more accurately and efficiently manage your inventory operation.
    • Falcon also lets you tailor the look of your screens so you can have the system fit the way you like to do business.  Of course, you also have several system options and security features to help you configure the system as well.
  • Better Margin Management - Use the price update tools Falcon provides to easily re-price by item, category or other inventory management methods.  You can let the system execute price updates for you or you can individually price items or sales orders.
    • You can update prices on specific quotes with flexibility to ensure that you are achieving the margin you require on specific orders.
    • By ranking items, you can ensure that you are pricing high volume items appropriately as well as slow moving items.
    • For special orders, you can apply actual costs upon receipt to the sales order to ensure profitable pricing based on margins you specify.
  • Improved Customer Service - In addition to its world class point-of-sale and order entry capabilities, Falcon gives you a series of capabilities to improve your customer service.
    • Use the referral capabilities to help your customer service personnel recommend service providers to your customers.
    • You can identify substitute and related items to your inventory items to assist your customer service personnel in recommending additional purchase items.
    • The order copy capabilities let you bring up historical orders for customers without having to re-key in situations where a customer wants the same order as last time.
    • Let customers enter sales orders over the internet and review their own account balances.  This helps you keep your business running smoothly even after normal business hours.
    • Customer service personnel can receive orders centrally and review stock availability by location to ensure that sales orders are fulfilled in the most efficient manner possible.


  • Inventory management - In addition to superior inventory planning capabilities, Falcon also lets you execute planning by item or category.  This ensures that you are not only achieving superior customer service but also increases your cash flow by making sure you have the right inventory investment for each item.
    • Use the physical inventory and cycle counting sub-systems in conjunction with our barcode and RF capabilities to help improve your inventory accuracy.
    • Falcon can manage returned items and make sure that you have visibility to re-sell them.
    • With online matching, you can make sure that supplier invoices and receipts are correct.  If not, you have the tools to identify and make the necessary adjustments to keep your inventory costs correct.
    • The inventory transaction register is a great tool to help your managers understand all transactions associated with an item.  You can review shipments, transfers, receipts and all adjustments to get an accurate picture of inventory movement.
    • With our receiving capabilities, you can easily receive a shipment and automatically allocate the correct amount to specific locations.
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