A powerful solution designed for large multi-location LBM dealers
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Activant Falcon

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Activant iNet

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Activant iNet®


Catalog - A growing number of customers prefer to research products online prior to traveling to your business to make a purchase.  With iNet Catalog, you can make inventory information available online so that current customers get what they need.  While you are increasing customer satisfaction, you can also be attracting new customers that you might not get otherwise.

  • View product information including descriptions and pictures.
  • Information comes directly from your business system so that you can ensure accurate and up-to-date information without having to maintain a separate system.
  • Provide information without having to take orders online.

e-Store - Many customers prefer to research product information and shop online without having to travel to your store location.  With iNet e-Store, you can create a web-based storefront that helps your sales grow by letting customers and prospects shop online.  And, your online storefront is fully integrated with your in-store system.

  • You can view detailed inventory information using convenient tools to help them search for items.
  • You can select items and place them in a shopping basket for checkout and payment.
  • Shipping charges are automatically calculated based on item weights and customers can securely enter their credit card information.
  • You are notified of inbound orders as they print in your store, and you are also notified by email.
  •  Inbound orders are automatically saved in your system as an internet transaction so that you can recall the orders, process the credit card, and finalize the transaction.

Accounts Online - For many account-based customers, you will want to let them securely access their own account information so they can view their current balance, their last statement balance, any past due amounts, and their last payment information.  With Accounts Online, you can give password access to select customers so they can view their specific information.

  • Customers can access their account from a web browser securely and easily search, view and reprint invoices and statements.
  • All information comes from your in-store system, so everything is always up-to-date, and there is nothing new for you to maintain.
  • Customers can view information whenever they want without having to contact you with questions.  This will increase your customer satisfaction by making you easier to do business with as well as save you time and money.

e-Statements and e-Invoices - With these products, you can automatically email invoices and statements to your customers rather than having to mail them.  This will save you time and money as well as increase your customer satisfaction and reduce the time lag associated with getting your customers their billing information.

  • You can control which accounts get emails, hardcopies or both.  Your customers will also be able to link from a statement to review the individual invoices included within the statement.
  • Save the cost of stuffing envelopes and the cost of postage as well as eliminate the time-lag associated with hard mail. 
  • You can automatically email invoices to customers at the completion of every point of sale transaction.  You can also designate which email addresses are associated with each customer if a customer wants to receive more than one copy.
  • If you use electronic signature capture, your invoices will also include this information in the email.
  • You can avoid the hassle of re-printing invoices and statements that get lost by ensuring that an electronic copy is always sent to the customer.  This will save you additional time and provide an additional level of customer service.

Remote Connect - In many situations, you may want to access your in-store system remotely and securely.  With Remote Connect you can have full access to your system from a web browser by getting secure access to your system from within your firewall.

  • You can have convenient access to your system as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Whether you are traveling, at a customer site or working from home, you no longer have to make phone calls or notes to remind you to get information.  You can bring your business with you to be more productive and efficient.

Order Pro - With many customers, you may want to grant them direct access to view inventory availability, general product information and pricing.  You may even want to give them access so they can create or edit their own quotes and sales orders.  With Order Pro, you have the power to extend special capabilities to your most important customers.

  • All information comes direct from your in-store system so that you don’t have to worry about dual maintenance and you can be sure that customers are using accurate information.
  • Customers can access the system using a web browser and perform item searches using several techniques to view information and pricing that is specific to their account.
  • Customers may also create and save their own quotes, and create orders they submit to you online.  In addition, you may create quotes or orders directly on your in-store system, email the quote or order number to your customer, and they may login to review the document online. You may even allow the customer to edit a quote and submit it back to you.

Vendor Direct - For many customers and vendors, you may want to communicate order information via EDI.  With Vendor Direct, you have the ability to communicate several types of information using this technology with either a modem or high speed internet access.

  • You can transmit purchase orders to your vendors and invoices and price updates from your vendors.
  • You can receive purchase orders from your customers and send invoices to your customers.
  • Save time and money as well as increase accuracy on all these document transmissions. 
  • Attract larger commercial accounts that require you to communicate with them in this manner.  And, take advantage of vendor discounts that may be offered if you do business with them via EDI.


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