A powerful solution designed for large multi-location LBM dealers
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Activant Falcon

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Activant iNet

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Activant iNet®

Activant iNet is a comprehensive suite of electronic commerce products designed to enhance your operational system and help you increase your sales, improve your customer service, and maximize your overall business productivity. Activant iNet leverages the internet as well as extranet and EDI technologies to provide you and your customers with efficient communication capabilities. These products are designed for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. With Activant iNet, you can dramatically increase your sales reach, enhance your customer and vendor communications, and provide employees with the ability to work from remote locations. This translates to increased revenue and customer satisfaction while saving you time and money.

As the leading provider of technology in our markets, Activant designed and built these applications over 10 years ago, long before many technology companies began providing internet based applications and tools. As such, we have many customers and have matured these products so that you can absolutely depend on them to better run your business. We encourage you to contact your Activant representative for a closer look.

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