A powerful solution designed for large multi-location LBM dealers
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Activant Falcon

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Activant Falcon®

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable - How well a company manages its accounts payable processing affects both its cash flow and its supplier relationships.  Processing payables can be a tedious and time consuming task but a well-managed process can lead to significant improvements in cash flow.  Falcon Accounts Payable lets you to streamline the payables process so you can pay bills on time, reduce or eliminate late payment fees and interest charges while building strong relationships with your suppliers.

  • Schedule automatic payments to minimize late payment costs.
  • Pay bills on time to take advantage of prompt payment discounts.
  • Honor payment terms to strengthen supplier relationships.
  • Automatically distribute payments to general ledger accounts.
  • Match invoices to receipts online to identify variances and make adjustment
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