A management information system with proven performance for small distributors
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Activant Eclipse

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Activant Eclipse

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Learn and Use
    Reduce training costs, increase productivity and integrate third-party software.
  • AConneX Ready
    Leverage Activant AConneX® to connect to suppliers and customers via the Internet.
  • Open Architecture
    Integrate third-party applications software, such as IQ Report Builder and Map up software for importing custom line information into the Eclipse system.
  • Full Range of Hardware and Software Options
    Tailor the Eclipse system to your specific business requirements, by using such programs as Gas Cylinder Ttracking Work Order or integrated Parts Kit applications.
  • Industry-Leading Coverage
    Improve sales and service with the industry's most comprehensive parts eCatalog, Activant BarcodeExpert® and Activant Interchange® databases.
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