Make optimal stocking decisions using Activant's electronic buyer's guide
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Activant BuyerAssist

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Activant BuyerAssist®

Activant BuyerAssist® is a full-featured, easy-to-use electronic buyer's guide , that provides convenient access to Activant’s comprehensive database of automotive aftermarket part numbers, applications and Interchanges.

Using an easy-to-learn and easy-to-navigate system, buyers can quickly pinpoint critical information on any part, such as application counts by make, model or engine, list price, core charges, package quantities, manufacturers' popularity codes and per-car quantities.

With BuyerAssist, buyers and counter personnel can make more informed decisions on stocking and selling the right parts, ensuring increased parts availability, reduced overstocks, improved service and greater revenues.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize Buying Decisions - With BuyerAssist, buyers can consistently make better informed decisions to ensure increased parts availability, reduced overstocks and improved service
  • Streamline Inventory - Optimize selling and stocking space and reduce dead or slow moving items through improved parts ordering
  • Improve Customer Service - Ensure that you have the parts your customers need with BuyerAssist’s coverage tools
  • Maximize buyer productivity - Lower buyer training costs and increase productivity with intuitive navigation

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