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Epicor AConneX

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Epicor AConneX®

Product Features

Aftermarket ConneX (AConneX) brings the power of the Internet to your business, efficiently and reliably connecting thousands of stores, warehouses and service dealers.

  • Fast, flexible inventory inquiry and purchasing from service dealer-to-store, store-to-store and store-to-warehouse distributor 24/7
  • Enable installers/service dealers to inquire and order parts directly, since AConneX is embedded into many leading installer systems
  • Integrates seamlessly with invoicing functions on Epicor platforms and other leading distributor platforms
  • Access supplier inventories in real time
  • Make online inquiries rather than traditional “phone calling”, dramatically reducing the demand on counter personnel
  • AConneX uses a single Internet connection therefore replacing multiple, expensive telecom lines and associated modems
  • Remote diagnostics and support to stores through built-in Secure ConneX
  • Enables warehouses with Epicor A-DIS® to provide central services via the Internet to stores with Epicor J-CON® and ADM services to Epicor Prism™
  • Adopted by thousands of trading partners, AConneX has achieved the critical mass required for successful trading.
  • Unsurpassed reliability with an open J2EE-compliant platform housed in a dedicated data center with fully redundant Internet service, power, and HVAC, providing 99% and higher uptime
  • Advanced, client-side security through strong encryption and firewalls
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