Quickly and accurately convert your data to ACES-compliant files
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While ACES is a major step forward for the automotive aftermarket, mapping to the new standard can itself be very difficult and time intensive. AceMapper can help dramatically reduce the time and hassles required to perform the advanced data conversions required by ACES allowing industry suppliers to focus their internal resources on producing quality core data.

An ACES Mapping Breakthrough

Activant Data Mapping Services has partnered with Winsby Group, LLC, lead architect of the ACES delivery specification, in marketing an exclusive technology that dramatically accelerates not only the conversion of AAIA legacy data, but a manufacturer’s core data as well. The resulting high-quality ACES-compliant output files ensure the widest possible industry acceptance — without the aggravation, time and added expense associated with other conversion techniques.

AceMapper provides the technology and power required for high quality data cleansing, conversions and net-change management that fits into your current e-catalog production workflow.

Why Manufacturers Should Consider Activant Data Mapping Services

  • Improve time-to-market for new product offerings
  • Reduce time and expense associated with converting data to proprietary formats
  • Exclusive, smart-automation, technology ensures a concise data conversion the first time
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