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Key Benefits

The Epicor Dimensions Canada system provides you with the necessary tools to automate and control the time consuming areas of your business.

Improve Customer Service

Epicor Dimensions Canada gives you the tools you need to improve customer service. Our Velocity® POS is a graphical point-of-sale system which allows you to quickly move customers through the check-out process. You have all the tools necessary to streamline your order entry, order fulfillment and billing needs.

Reduce Cashier Training Times

With its clearly labelled Function Keys and graphical screen, Velocity POS can reduce training time for a new cashier from a few days to a few minutes. Yard employees and owners alike can jump onto the program without hours of extensive training.

Every screen of Velocity POS has Online Help Topics built into it, so cashiers can get help without asking for assistance or referring to a user manual.

Easy-to-use Interface

Computer users who are comfortable with Windows will love Velocity POS: the interface offers a visually pleasing colour screen with clear, straightforward menu prompts. Many transactions require only a single keystroke to execute!

Eliminate Line-ups

Velocity POS lets you suspend and resume an unlimited number of transactions. Suspend an order while you are waiting for a price check; then process another sale; look up a phone customer’s shipping information; and, finally resume the initial order.

Velocity POS offers fast printing to a range of receipt and order printers, and you can configure the detail section of sales tickets to print a customized message.

Save Storage Space

Save storage space and keep your customer files organized by scanning your customer documents into Velocity EDM's SQL database and eliminate the need to store bulky and bothersome hard copies.

Mary Noseworthy from Chester Dawe has this to say about her experience: "We love Velocity EDM because it enables us to provide great customer service by immediately responding to requests for signed copies of orders. No more time is wasted digging through boxes for hard copies! In 6 weeks we were able to scan 134, 000 documents to completely update our files! It's amazing how quickly the work can be done."

Improve Operations

Epicor Dimensions Canada lets you improve your inventory management operation by helping you improve your inventory accuracy as well as recommending optimum stocking levels. With this Epicor solution, you have all the tools you need to ensure that your inventory asset supports your customer service requirements while recognizing your cash flow constraints.

Epicor Dimensions Canada provides a number of Reports which are designed to assist management with making decisions without generating an overwhelming amount of unnecessary detailed data. The system highlights major areas of your business operations and then provides the opportunity to examine each area with increasingly more detail. There is also exception reporting designed to bring attention to unusual events or potential problems.

Epicor Dimensions Canada gives you the opportunity to more easily interact with customers and suppliers while reducing the costs of managing your invoices and statements with our SAGRO® and Velocity EDM products. Epicor has all the tools and products necessary to help you evolve your business operations so you can increase revenue while reducing costs at the same time.


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