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Velocity® POS

This exciting graphical Point-of-Sale product from Epicor Solutions combines the functionality you need with a Windows-based interface that is easy to use.

Easy-to-use Interface

Computer users who are comfortable with Windows will love Velocity POS: the interface offers a visually pleasing colour screen with clear, straightforward menu prompts. It is so straightforward that many functions require only a single keystroke to execute.

Convenient Online Help

Integrated into every "page" of the Velocity POS product is an Online Help section to ensure ease of use and reduced training costs. Your cashiers can easily utilize the on-line help at their workstations without having to ask for assistance or refer to a manual.

Fast Implementation

For those who currently use an Epicor Dimensions Canada solution, Velocity POS is very simple to install. Simply plug it in the new hardware and the system is up and running with full access to all of your existing customer information from your Epicor Dimensions Canada system. With Velocity POS, you automatically have access to item, customer, and sales histories from your Epicor Dimensions Canada system without having to transfer or convert any data. This simple plug and play design saves you time and money.

Simple Cashier Training

Velocity POS's intuitive interface makes training incredibly fast and easy. Gone are the days of cashiers memorizing text-based operations: simply follow the graphical prompts and menus displayed on the screen in order to carry out any number of sales transactions easily and quickly.


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