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Velocity® EDM

Velocity EDM is a graphical Electronic Document Management solution that integrates with your Epicor Dimensions Canada. It runs on a stand-alone PC and is comprised of two applications; Document Scan and Document Search.


Fulfill Customer Requests, Fast
When a customer receives an invoice and then requests a copy of the signed order, you can fulfill their request immediately. Normally, you would look up the invoice number in the Sales History file to find the “From Transaction” number, then go to your file boxes and dig out the hard copy of the order. With Velocity EDM, you simply use the Document Search application to search the invoice number and find the electronic copy of the signed order. For you, this means the signed order can be in your customer’s hands in minutes—even before your conversation is over. It can also improve your cash flow by reducing the number of invoices that are deducted from statements due to missing signed orders.

Save Storage Space
Save storage space and keep your customer files organized by scanning your customer documents into Velocity EDM’s SQL database and eliminate the need to store bulky and bothersome hard copies. The program conveniently stores signed orders together with the corresponding invoices. Your remote locations can scan orders and e-mail them as attachments to be processed at the location where the Velocity EDM PC is. When storing documents electronically, we recommend that you have a system in place for regular backup of these documents.

How it Works

Velocity EDM Document Scan
A Velocity EDM stand-alone PC is networked with your Epicor server and a document scanner. Signed customer orders are scanned into Velocity EDM Document Scan. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the order number is automatically read from the scanned order. The program finds the invoice that was created from this order in your Epicor Sales History. The scanned customer order image, together with the corresponding invoice information, is saved in an SQL database.

Velocity EDM Document Search
This application is used to input various search parameters; the main one being the invoice number. It searches and retrieves images of signed customer orders. The orders can be printed and then mailed or faxed to the customer. They could also be saved as PDF documents and e-mailed.


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